One of the central pillar of The New Chilton Country is Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which are often go on the territory of the center. While every individual must choose what is best for them and their lifestyle, we believe that it is important to put at least as much time into our recovery as we did into our drinking. Regularly attending the meetings is the best way to learn about the program and work through the twelve steps to recovery.

The people you meet are all there to help you, and we have all walked the same path you are on. Don’t think that we are only there for the meetings, however, get to know those who stand out to you and make friends. Having someone you can talk to throughout the week is an important part of the recovery process.

AA meetings are divided into Open Meetings, which are open to anyone, and Closed Meetings which are limited to those who are trying to recover only. We find that Open meetings can be helpful by allowing friends and family members who form the support network for their loved ones.

Additionally, we have Discussion or Speaker Meetings, Big Book and Step Studies. Discussion meetings are chaired by someone trained by AA. They will read a preamble and the Serenity prayer and ask if there are any at their first meeting. The Leader will then begin a discussion on a subject related to Alcoholism and open the floor to anyone who has something to contribute. Most of our Discussion meetings are open and are attended by spouses and loved ones.

Speaker Meetings are focused on one speaker who will usually tell his or her life story for the entire meeting. They will talk about what their life was like with addiction, how they stopped, and what their life of sobriety looks like today.

Big Book Studies are usually closed and are designed to facilitate through discussion a greater understanding of the book ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’.  Step Studies are similar meetings that focus on the twelve steps using the book “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”.

Outside of attending meetings, the biggest step toward the success you can take is to get a Sponsor. Having someone who has gone through the steps who you can talk to will help you as you face challenges along your road to recovery. As you grow, eventually you will find that others will come to you and seek your help, and by helping others, you will gain a greater understanding of the 12 Steps and move further along your journey to sobriety.