My name is Lauren, and The New Chilton Country helped me by giving me hope. When you see people who have beaten addiction, the first thing that your mind tells you is that you are different, your situation is worse. But sitting in the meetings, hearing them talk about their struggles, I saw that they weren’t that different from me, and some of them had been in worse situations. When I relapsed, the first thing you think is that you just don’t have what it takes to quit, but they relapsed too, and now they’ve been clean for over a decade, some for more than that. The community really gives you the sense that they care and that you have the ability to change and escape.


My name is John, The NCC helped me by just giving me people to talk to, and a community where I was supported. When you first get started, it is so important to be able to pick up the phone and call someone and tell them you are struggling. After my second or third meeting, I latched onto an older guy who took me under his wing. I called him after I fell off the wagon, and just being able to hear his voice after I felt so low kept me from falling further. Without the support of that man and the others like him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m two weeks and three days away from five years clean. AA also made a huge difference in my life, and I encourage anyone who even thinks they may be going down the road toward addiction to at least attend a meeting.


My name is Amber, The NCC gave me the structure that I needed to stop drinking. It showed me that the little behaviors I was trying to control were the fruit of destructive thought patterns and habits. By talking with others who had struggled with binge drinking, I was able to find the roots of my issues and work through them. I still struggle at times, but the weekly meetings help keep me focused. I go to meetings on Monday, and the support I get really carries me through Wednesday or Thursday. By Friday, I’m already thinking about the meeting coming up on Monday, and that really helps me make it through some of the tougher weekends.


My name is Jason, and The NCC really helped me by giving me a sense of how to address my addiction. Before, I felt that I didn’t have anywhere to turn, that there wasn’t any way out. The big change that was made for me was at my first meeting, where I saw and heard from people who had gone through the same things I was going through. There were some who hadn’t had a single drink for years, and they had had the same problems I was having. It was really eye-opening and showed me that there was a way to sobriety and healing for me.